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hells yeah!

so some retard decided to make it illegal for kids to play or to allow kids to play "obscene" (or violent) video games unsupervised by a parent or legal guardian. of course it was repealed (thanks to cbldf and...
The Court wrote, "We do not mean to denigrate the government's role in
supporting parents or the right of parents to control their
children's exposure to graphically violent materials. We merely
hold that the government cannot silence protected speech by wrapping
itself in the cloak of parental authority. … To accept the
County's broadly-drawn interest as a compelling one would be to
invite legislatures to undermine the first amendment rights of minors
willy-nilly under the guise of promoting parental authority."
i do think the notion of defining obscenity as violence+sex is kind but i think the whole thing about gov acting as parents being just a guise to infringe on freedom of speech is really rad. later in the article the court compares videogames and comic books to thw works of jackson pollack and Lewis Caroll. so yeah. yay courts. way to not suck. for now.
and so like if i described like someone's murder right now, it would not be obscene and therefore, protected under the first amendment. if i described a brutal rape, it wouldn't. thats kind of dumb.

anywho. at work i had like a really great learning experience today. its not really important what it was, just that i had one. several actually. i feel really sheltered when i am at work. like today i had to deposit somehing at the bank and it was like the first time i've ever done that. ever. but at the same time being shltered has its perks. i'm not all bitter and ugly as other people. and i still have a kagillion years to learn.

oh man i just started feeding my camel redbandana camel chunks and oh has it made a difference! his farts smell like WAY less bad now. if i were a camel, i would SO want to do my camel. he is the HOTtest camel in all of araaabia.
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